Silver Cloud Family Homes

Silver Cloud appreciates the comments and feedback received from our patients and their families. Read what they have to say:

"Know that we were extremely satisfied with the care Mom received. I think the key to the high quality care is the individuals involved: Ron, Shannon and Darlene. They see each resident as an individual. They will adjust themselves to accommodate that person. In doing that, they allow these people who have lost so much due to old age and poor health retain a sense of self, a sense of who they are. In my mind there is no more precious gift. This was a gift that Ron, Shannon and Darlene gave my Mom and gave willingly. And always with a smile." - Peg
"Your relaxed home environment contributed greatly to Mom's sense of well-being. My only wish was that in view of everything, that we had moved her sooner." - Tara
"Being a licensor for Washington County has given me an inside view of all the different foster homes available.  My re-licensing site visits are always unscheduled. Last year when I dropped by Silver Cloud, Shannon had planned to take "the ladies" out for a drive. They were all dressed and ready to go, the day was sunny and beautiful. You could feel their excitement. " - Carolyn
"The facility is spotless. The rooms are light and comfortable. Extra attention was always paid to the residents surroundings--beautiful yard, lovely grounds, gentle pets, plenty of birds to watch at the feeders...Whenever I went to visit, the smell of good cooking permeated the home. Residents were treated to home-cooked meals every day....the food very tasty and varied. The Carskadon family truly has made a vocation of caring for our elders. They enjoy the company of their residents and it shows!" - Sally
"About two years ago, I walked into Silver Cloud, still in a state of stunned shock and a little denial that my strong vibrant mother would actually be unable to return home after her hospital stay. I'd seen several other places, none of which measured up to what I wanted for MY mother. As soon as I walked in the door, I knew there was such a place. Ron gently and graciously showed us around and I was sold. A second visit soon after with Shannon convinced me even more that we had found her home. I don't know what forces were at work in the universe that led us to you, but I will be eternally grateful that they did. You were a gift to all of us. I can't begin to thank you enough. I loved how you put up with all the guff she gave you as she fought the restrictions that illness had put on her life. Your patience and gentleness towards her were wonderful gifts. I love your humor and the diginity everyone was allowed and that you welcomed her as she was. You helped me to see that there was a special quality to her life, even at the end stage." - Alison
"I just want to say again to all of you how lucky we were to find you--I really don't know what we would have done without you--your kindness and compassion and patience is an example for all of us to live up to." - Anne

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